Jej & boc visit The Olive Tree Market

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Jej & boc visit The Olive Tree Market on their East Coast tour!

Welcome to the colourful world of jej &boc, a Melbourne-based textiles and fashion label that embrace bold patterns and vibrant colours – life’s too short to wear boring clothes! Jej & boc was created in 2018 by sisters, Jess and Bec- they grew up in Zimbabwe, where they formed a great love of colour and pattern from an early age.

Deeply inspired by the vibrant tropical fruit at the markets, the java-printed fabrics and the African bush- the sisters absorbed a world of colour throughout their childhood which defines who they are to this day. This talented duo collaborate on all aspects of their ethically focused brand.Bec is the textile designer; she creates bold designs which feature vivid colour and quirky hand-drawn motifs. Jess directs the fashion design component of this vibrant brand conjuring up the perfect silhouettes to showcase the textiles.

Jej & boc choose to support local businesses with fabric printing, pattern-making and garment construction- they believe that locally produced garments have a lower carbon footprint and enrich our local community, and make small and considered batches of garments to avoid waste and use fabrics that are durable, breathable and biodegradable such as cotton, silk and linen. Perfect! The girls are visiting as a one off on their East Coast market tour so make sure to visit on April 6th or you will miss out!



Open — 9am-3pm
Saturday 11th July 2020-TBC
Saturday 1st August 2020- TBC
Saturday 5th September 2020
Saturday 3rd October 2020


Open — 9am-2pm
Dates to be announced

Twilight Market — 3pm-8pm
Date TBC