The Olive Tree Market

The Olive Tree Market is part of the renaissance currently taking place in Newcastle’s artisan community. Started in 2008, The Olive Tree Market is the Leading Art & Design Market in Newcastle and the launching pad for over a hundred and twenty creative minds!’

The Olive Tree Market is constantly growing and evolving with talented creatives joining the market each month. Discover our emerging artists section, take home amazing gourmet artisan produce and sit back and take in the sounds of talented local musicians! See you under the Olive Tree.

New @ The Olive Tree Market

We are looking forward to having Homeworks at the upcoming The Olive Tree Market this September 6th. Andrija Chapman is the creator of  Homeworks and tells us, “I have to admit I am retro obsessed! I spend a lot of time scouring the world hunting out fabrics both old and new to turn into beautiful homewares.

Andrija’s current range features fabulous 1960’s Hawaiian barkcloth designs with bold palm trees and lush monstera leaves all turned into cushions and lamps that really add punch to your décor. The shades are paired with vintage bases that Andrija  collects from all over the globe, as well as more modern wood options.

Make sure to visit Homeworks at The Olive Tree Market on September 6th. Andrija will have her stall under the big covered area. See you then!


Homeworks Designs_lamp_1Homeworks Designs_Cushions_2Homeworks Designs_Cushions

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It’s exciting to see The Olive Tree Market’s artists grow both as designers and makers. Lots of changes seem to be happening in the careers of many of our creators at the moment. This week long time Olive Tree stallholder Julia Flannagan of Frejj had her work accepted to be stocked at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney! It’s always great to see Sydney following trends in Newcastle! Well done Julia. Oh, and come and visit her at The Olive Tree Market on September 6th!Julia_MCA

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This September at The Olive Tree Market don’t miss beautiful earthy platters and homewares by Canoe Ceramics. Created by couple Wyan McAlister and Kyle Roddenby, the makers behind Honeybeegoods, this beautiful work has been incredibly popular since debuting at our July market.

Canoe_White Platter_Blue Bowl






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We are very happy to announce that HoutenPlank is debuting at The Olive Tree Market on July 5th. The maker Melanie Muddle is the brains behind this gorgeous brand.

Melanie say, “HoutenPlank is the Dutch for ‘wooden board’ and brings together the things that I am passionate about; family, my heritage, food and desire to create beautiful, functional home wares. Designed with function in mind, my range of Planks not only showcases the beauty of food, but provides a practical kitchen tool that ultimately brings people together.”

We asked Melanie how she came to begin on the road to creating HoutenPlank. “It’s funny how during the toughest times, some of the greatest ideas are birthed. This is true for me. A few years ago I left behind my corporate job (which I loved) to focus on raising a family. Surprising, the new mother gig was much harder than I could have ever anticipated. It was in the thick fog of fatigue following the arrival of my second baby that the idea of HoutenPlank was birthed.”

If the images of some of the range are anything to go by Olive Tree thinks that HoutenPlank is going to be a massive success. Make sure to visit Melanie and HoutenPlank at The Olive Tree Market on July 5th.







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We sure love the work of the talented boys from Growingbooks! What a fantastic product they have created by up-cycling vintage books into growing gardens. Make sure you visit them at The Olive Tree Market on July 5th- their stall is under the big Figtree.

And now have a watch of this little video about Luke & Jeremy by Josh Cartwright.

Growing Books_Stall









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We are super excited at Olive Tree central that Pepe Saya will be debuting at The Olive Tree Market on July 5th! Think unbelievable artisan butter created 100% by hand.  They also sell ghee, buttermilk, crème fraiche and mascarpone. Yum!

The alchemist behind Pepe Saya is owner Pierre Issa, and lets just say, that this unique company is developing a serious reputation! The butter is being used in some of Australia’s best restaurants and also on Qantas first class menus.

For those of you who like a little information on your gourmet products Pepe Saya’s Australian Cultured Butter is made using the best local ingredients – milk from happy cows, filtered water and a dash of home grown Aussie salt – because Pepe believes in making good food that is good for you! The ‘Culture’ in his butter is the good bacteria (lactobacillus), which is added to the cream, fermented for 24 hours and left to ripen over 3 weeks.

The Cultures eat the sugar (lactose) in the cream and turn it into lactic acid (souring the cream), which adds flavour to the butter and fills it up with probiotic so it’s better for you too.

So get in early on July 5th and make sure to check out this amazing stall!





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