The Olive Tree Market

The Olive Tree Market is part of the renaissance currently taking place in Newcastle’s artisan community. Started in 2008, The Olive Tree Market is the Leading Contemporary Handmade Art & Design Market in Newcastle and the launching pad for over 150 creative minds!’

The Olive Tree Market is constantly growing and evolving with talented creatives joining the market each month. Discover our emerging artists section, take home amazing gourmet artisan produce and sit back and take in the sounds of talented local musicians! See you under the Olive Tree.

New @ The Olive Tree Market


So here is the stallholder list for the December 1st The Olive Tree Market Christmas Market! There may be a few more stalls that will be attending so we will add them to the website when they are confirmed. The program of musicians and performers will be uploaded to the website tomorrow!



  1. 3 Chooks/ Anna Trigg/ Home wares/ Lampshades
  2. 4Leaf Clover/ Fiona Budzynski/ Home wares/ Screen-printed/ Printmaking/ Floral Designs
  3. A Taste Of Greece/ Martes & Con Kakavas/ Food Stall/ Greek
  4. A Taste of The Bush/ Claire Perry/ Artisan Food/ Olis/Dukkahs/Jams
  5. Abby Bingham/ Textile Arts/ Quilting/Framed Fabric Artworks
  6. Addison Avenue/ Andrea Batt/ Childrens’/Clothing/Girls
  7. Alie Jane Travel Accessories/ Alie Bodman/ Textile Arts/Travel Accessories
  8. Amanda Safranko/ Illustration/ Cards
  9. Angie Goto/ Illustration/Prints/Cards/Jewellery
  10. Anita Sharma/ Mehendi / Henna Tattoo
  11. Arno Designs/ Grant Lidell/ Painting/Prints/Jewellery
  12. Arolyn Grove/ Ross & Lyn/ Artisan Food
  13. Arthouse Industries/ Skye Petho/ Jewellery/Handmade Glass
  14. Aunty Eva’s Jams / Michelle Popovski / Artisan Food
  15. Baby Walrus/ Renai Evans/ Childrens’/Handmade Softies/ Womens’ Clothing
  16. Barbara Sargeant/ Textile Art/Tea Cosies/ Christmas Decorations
  17. Billie the Kid Design/ Michaela Siewert/ Home wares/Surface Art/ Screen-Printing
  18. Blackbird Artisan Bakery / Carolyn Scott / Artisan Food
  19. Blissful Brush / Jennifer / Painting/Textiles/Bunting
  20. Blonde Samurai / Olivia Raymond / Jewellery/Handmade Glass Pendants
  21. Blossom Eco Skin Care / Monique Finlay / Handmade Skin Care
  22. Blueberry Paper / Sandra Oost/ Illustration/ Cards/Paper/Textiles
  23. Bon Chai / Jane Spiteri/ Artisan Food
  24. Boxy / Sally Jarmaine / Jewellery/ Books from Recycled Children’s Books
  25. Cathula Designs / Cath Stephens / Fashion/Womens’
  26. Cheeks Meeks / Silvana Freeman / Childrens’/Clothing
  27. Cherry Blossom/Angleworx / Kyoko & Rie / Fashion/Childrens’ & Ladies’
  28. Chompa / Nuria Mestres / Textile/Contemporary/ Crochet/Clothing
  29. Chop Chop Clinic/ Paper Workshop for Children
  30. Chris Hancock / Chris Hancock/ Christmas Based Art
  31. Circle of Friends / Ann Carman / Textile/ Arts
  32. Cocoa Nib / Aymee Slaviero / Artisan Food/ Handmade Chocolates
  33. Cossack Kefir / James Macdonald / Artisan Food/Spiced Drink
  34. Cotton Floss / Rachel Noonan / Home wares/ Printmaking
  35. Dandelion & Honey / Karla MacLean / Childrens’/Handmade Toys
  36. David Hampton / David Hampton / Printmaking
  37. David Little Designs /David Little / Fashion/Mens’
  38. Deanna Marie / Deanna Pamenter /Painting
  39. Dianna Bower / Dianna Bower / Jewellery/Ecclectique
  40. Ecclectique Designs / Lauren Boyd / Jewellery/Beaded/Silver
  41. Elfin Trail / Ange Rosemann / Childrens’/Steiner Toys
  42. Ella Guapa / Michelle Bryant / Jewellery/Silver
  43. Embrace Virtues / Louie Hahn / Handmade Books
  44. Fairymoon/ Sue Sayers/ Childrens’/Girls’ Clothing
  45. Fiesta/ Issy Westall/ Textiles/Bunting Flags/Home wares
  46. Fig Designs/ Joanne/ Jewellery/Art
  47. Floral & Spot / Raylee Allen / Fashion/Womens’
  48. Franca Sibert / Franca Sibert / Photography/Art
  49. Frankie & Frida / Gavin Vitullo/ Jewellery/Wooden Pendants
  50. Frankie Small / Becky Carver / Childrens’ Clothing/ Womens’ Fashion
  51. Frejj / Julia Flanagan / Leather/ Contemporary/ Bags and Jewellery
  52. Fugu Fashion / Jess Freeman / Textile Arts/ Japanese Inspired
  53. Gabrielle Vinden / Gabrielle Vinden/ Accessories/ Recycled Art
  54. Garden Grub / Sheree Odgen / Artisan Food/ Cakes
  55. Goat Soap Lady / Christine Boland / Handmade Skin Care/Soap
  56. Grevillea Design / Jennifer/ Fashion/ Womens/Textiles/Homewares
  57. Grubby Princess / Dani Higgins / Illustration/Prints
  58. Handmaiden Vintage / Laini Byrne / Textile/Home wares
  59. Hanna Banana Designs / Lee Metcalf / Childrens’/Clothing
  60. Happily Ever Afternoon / Jo Dyer/ Illustration/Prints
  61. Hare and Tortoise / Haylee & Jade/Childrens’/Textiles
  62. Hay Creations / Melanie Hay / Jewellery/Silversmith
  63. Helen Paisley / Helen Paisley / Accessories/Jewellery
  64. Honey Bee Goods / Wyan McAlister & Kyle Rodenby /Jewellery/Wooden/Wooden Clocks
  65. Hunter Belle Cheese / Tania & Geoff Chesworth / Artisan Food/ Cheese
  66. Hunter Heritage Gourmet Foods / Ann Cummings / Artisan Food
  67. I made a Thing / Emma Rothafpel / Recycled/Wearable Art
  68. Ike & Fly/ Sally Doe/ Hats/Vintage Fabrics
  69. Into the Woods / Row Morrison/ Jewellery/Childrens’
  70. IsAvA Designs/ Katrina Holden/ Jewellery/ Fabric Inspired
  71. Jean Jensen / Jean Jensen /Textiles
  72. Jessica Dawes / Jessica Dawes / Textiles/Christmas/Fabric Wreaths
  73. John Earle Painting / John Earle/ Painting
  74. Julie Woods/ Julie Woods/ Textiles
  75. Katerina / Katerina / Fashion/ Womens’
  76. Kemps Creek Flowers / Patrick/ Fresh Flowers
  77. Kes Harper / Wearable Art/ Recycled Tin Jewellery
  78. KW Creations/ Natalie Setz/ Handmade Candles
  79. La Maison d’Isabelle/ Isabelle Anne/ Childrens’/Home wares
  80. Lhami/ Natalie Mitchell/ Handmade Organic Skincare
  81. Lilac & Snow/ Kathryn Hutchins/ Jewellery/Vintage Inspired
  82. Little Paper House Press/ Paula Marchant/ Illustration/ Cards
  83. Macaroons/ Anita Jones/ Artisan Food/ Macaroons
  84. Michelle Anne Art/ Michelle/ Illustration/ Photography
  85. Mill Creek Vineyard/ Helen Gillard/ Artisan Food/Wine
  86. Miss Lulu/ Brianna Brent/ Fashion/ Womens’
  87. Monkey & Bee/ Christine Rutherford/ Textile Arts/Home wares
  88. Monsoon Living/ Tasha Ireland/ Handmade Paper
  89. Nanny Kate/ Amanda Higgins/ Childrens’/Art/ Prints
  90. Natalie Kube/ Natalie Kube/ Jewellery/Silversmith
  91. Nativa/ Jewellery/Wood/Seed
  92. Never Never/ Anikka Cummings/ Fashion/Handmade Corsets/ Home wares
  93. Oliochi/ Elizabeth & Morag/ Textiles/Homewares/Contemporary/Quilting
  94. Once On Never Off/ Phoebe & Patsy/ Childrens’/ Clothing/Fashion
  95. Ontherantan/ Ranene Elley
  96. Organic Feast/ Brent/ Artisan Food
  97. Oscar & Matilda/ Zoe Tjanavaras/ Jewellery/Resin/Fabric
  98. Paisleys on Harrison/ Sandra Lee Brown/ Ceramics/ Home wares/ Jewellery
  99. Pick Me! Peachy Keen/ Rachel Millard/ Fashion/ 50s Inspired Pin-up Aprons
  100. Pip Clothing/ Sharlene Hutchinson/ Childrens’/ Clothing
  101. Pixie Corner/ Face Painting
  102. Plum Tart/ Jessica Padget/ Textile/Surface Art/Home wares
  103. Poffetjes/ Marion Surmund/ Food/ Dutch Pancakes
  104. Polish Paper cuts/ Anna Baba/ Art/Polish Paper Art
  105. Polka Dot Candles/ Annie & Elizabeth/ Handmade Candles
  106. Pouch Handmade/ Zoe Simpson/ Art Works/Vintage Fabrics
  107. Pretty Pickings/ Zoe Silverwood/ Children’s/ Clothing/Vintage Fabrics
  108. Princess Scallywag/ Jodie Wallace/ Fashion/Women’s/Children’s/Clothing/Girls
  109. Pudding Lane/ Michael Puddings/ Artisan Foods/Puddings/Christmas Cakes
  110. Pureblends/ Jill Ashby/ Artisan Food
  111. Purple Wave Cards/ Nami & Chika/ Cards/Childrens’/Clothing
  112. Max & Leigha’s Gourmet Quesadillas/ Max & Leigha/ Food/ Mexican
  113. Rochelle Rochelle/ Rachelle Stewart/ Fashion/Mens’/Kids’
  114. Rancho Designs / Michelle Smith / Jewellery/Printmaking
  115. River Flats / Sally Boyle / Artisan Food/ Olives/Oils/Vinegars
  116. Robynne Lilly/ Robynne Lilly /Ceramics/Art
  117. Rock-A-Bye-Billy / Alicia Bottin / Accessories/50’s Inspired
  118. Roger + Peach / Melinda Morrison / Fashion/Jewellery/Jewellery
  119. Rumplestiltskin / Hannah Moriarty / Paper Art/Cards/Hangings
  120. Rustic Flair /Joshua Schoupp / Food/ Asian Inspired Fusion
  121. Safety Pin Design / Daniel Phelan /Art Works/Vintage Record Inspired//Typography
  122. Scrappy Bags /Christine Elkin/ Textile/Quilting/Home wares
  123. Scrounge Art / arly Brett /Wearable Art/Painting
  124. Shannon Hartigan Photography / Shannon Hartigan/ Photography/Landscape
  125. Shelano / Vicki Meskauskas/ Textiles/ Quilts
  126. Sketch & Jones/ Di Jones/ Surface Art/ Fashion/Womens’/ Childrens’/Girls’
  127. Skin Doona/ Jess & Julia/Handmade Skin Care
  128. Skyrocket Sews/ Mel Ainsworth/ Fashion/Womens/Childrens/Clothing/Handmade Toys
  129. Slingthings/ Renee Ford/ Children’s/Baby’s/Fabric Slings
  130. Slot Together/ Dylan Wood/ Furniture/Contemporary/ Design
  131. Sophie’s Scribbles/ Sophie Lewis/ Illustration/Prints/Cards
  132. Sprocket/ Chelsea D’aoust/ Coffee
  133. steph & gaia/ Stephanie Margaritidis/ Textile/Textile Art
  134. Strip of a Lifetime/ Paula Birch/ Photo booth
  135. Studio Melt/ Ange Hailey/ Jewellery/Silversmith
  136. Superfood Revolution/ Yaron & Sivan/ Food/ Healthy & Delicious
  137. Suzie Bradley/ Suzie Bradley/ Jewellery/Silver/Vintage Glass/Beaded
  138. Sweet Vintage/ Karen Foster/ Childrens’/Clothing/Girls’
  139. The Girls at TAT/ Jaki and Jayne/ Circus Gear
  140. Tea by Grete/ Grete/ Artisan Food
  141. That’s Gorgeous/ Beverly Deeming/ Mexican/Textiles/Mexican Oil Cloth
  142. The Medicine Tree/ Emily Fittler/ Artisan Food/Tea
  143. The Side Project/ Nina Barker/ Jewellery/Wearable Art/Silversmith
  144. The Sweet Boutique/ Food/ Petit Cupcakes
  145. Thomas Croft/ Tom Croft/ Painting/Indigenous Artists/Dot Painting
  146. Tillymutz Designs/ Kristy West/ Childrens’/ Girls’
  147. Schloss’s Toys/ Tim Schloss/ Woodwork/ Childrens’/Art
  148. Trinket Design/Bronwyn Rippon / Jewellery/Wearable Art
  149. Wanderlust Clothing /Trish Stenzel / Fashion/Ladies’
  150. Wisteria Designs / Alexandra Kachel & Inga Campbell / Illustration /Prints/Cards
  151. Zaza Gozleme / Sam Kaymakci / Food Stall/Turkish

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The Olive Tree Christmas Market Festival will be the biggest market of 2012 with an amazing 150 stalls!! Its going to be an fantastic day with an incredible ensemble of talented artists & designers attending! Olive Tree will publish the full program of events and the stallholder list on Monday 19th of November! Stay tuned for what will be a celebrating of Newcastle’s Handmade Community!

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Drum roll!! These are the Finalists of the first The Olive Tree Market Christmas Poster Competition! All of the finalists came up with fantastic designs! Thanks so much for the creative effort! To allow our lovely sponsors Imprint, Eckersley’s Art & Craft & The Star to give us their Vote the Winner will now be announced on November 4th. This will give you more time to see the exhibition as we have had lots of people tell us they would love to vote for a ‘people’s choice’ award!

So let us know which of the posters you love most! Please leave your name, email address, and which poster you vote for at: or you can also vote at Suspension Cafe on Beaumont St Islington in Newcastle from this Saturday. One voter will win a $50 Olive Tree Gift Voucher!Thank-you for all the additional applicants who took the time to create a poster- it was lots of fun looking at them as they hit the Olive Tree inbox!

Emily Boyd
Zoe Tjanavaras
Haidee Perkins
Robyn McPherson
Di Jones
Gwena Levasseur
Belinda Suzette
Dan Phelan
Chrissy Lau
Lotte Schoutens
Lucy Boulton Smith
Fiona Budzynski
Nia Katzmarski
Amanda Safranko
Bridie Watt
Deanna Maree Pamenter
Kate Lamont
Emma Kidd

Jen Palmer

Alisha Hinds
Dan Phelan
Alexandra Kachel
Liz Anelli
Margie Balazic
Alisha Hinds
Lee Isherwood
Megan Johns Kane

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Artists, Designers, Illustrators and Creative Thinkers!

The Olive Tree Market is launching a Poster Design Competition for the Christmas Olive Tree Market Poster. The design should have a dash of the festive season, should be visually striking, engaging & vibrant. Exciting new imagery is the aim. We want something very new and unique. Think contemporary artists & designers and goods from the hands of the makers. Illustration and texture within poster are very welcome!

Poster Competition

We would love for you to enter and to see what amazingly creative concept you come up with.

The closing date for entering the competition is 5pm on October 15th. There will be an exhibition of the Finalists at Suspension Cafe and the winner will received $300 plus a $200 voucher from Eckersleys & Small Gift Pack. The winning poster will be used for the Christmas Marketing Campaign and the winning designers name will feature on this artwork. Second place will win a $50 Eckersleys Gift Voucher + Small Gift Pack + $50 The Olive Tree Market Gift Voucher.

Go to The Olive Tree Market Blog for more information and examples of market posters:

I hope you will enter the competition!

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We have a competition this month! Sign up for the The Olive Tree Market Newsletter Trish Stenzel from Wanderlust Clothing has generously donated a beautiful Vintage Kimono Top as a prize for one lucky person who signs up to the Newsletter this month-
Its a long break between markets this time, a five week break, which I’m sure will mean that the Olive Tree Stallholders will have lots of great new work!!
If you came to Junes Market you would have noticed the New Gourmet Food area!! The feedback from the stallholders was fantastic and our new cheese stall Cheese & Co sold out of their cheeses and breads! The new gourmet food stalls include: Hunter Belle Cheese, Cheese & Co, A Taste of the Bush, Pureblends, Arolyn Grove, Tea by Grete, Bon Chai, Little Cossack Kefir, Hunter Heritage Gourmet Foods, Aunty Evas Jams, River Flats and The Sweet Boutique!!
Remember to let us know if you have a gourmet food product and/or produce and are interested in having a stall please get in contact!
If you have sampled the goodies from Wozz! Kitchen Creations over the last few months, and you love their delicious products, then you need to come and stock up at July’s Olive Tree as the owner Warrick is moving to the U.S!! We will miss Warrick’s smiling face at Olive Tree!!
I must say that Anna Farthing, the owner and creator of The Sweet Boutique, has been getting some fabulous press of late with articles in The Newcastle Herald and a great blog article on the Aloud
So! you must come and sample Anna’s delicious cupcakes! Be warned The Sweet Boutique and Sugarlicious’s macaroons sell out very early- both stalls have very dedicated followers who are serious about getting their monthly fix!
We will have some really great new art & design stalls at July’s market! Including: surface design & screen-printed home wares from Michaela Siewert, Wisteria who design and create really beautiful cards & prints with a little bit of vintage to spice up their stall, KW Creations make gorgeous scented candles in vintage cups and festive hanging candles which can be used inside or outside  & in your garden or for parties, Rochelle Cooper Handmade who create gorgeous crocheted blankets and handmade ‘goodness’ in the form of funky beanies and more! You will see additional new stalls at the July Market!
So! We really are going through an exciting growth phase at Olive Tree! If you haven’t visited us for a while you must!! There is a lot to see and of course to hear with our partnership with Lizottes Newcastle who provide a great lineup of local and emerging artists at each market. The play list for the day will be posted on Facebook the week of the market.

We will also be starting a new monthly focus on The Olive Tree Market Blog which will tell you more about our individual stallholders. The first post will be published on June 25th on the blog-

The first focus will be on Zoe T from Oscar & Matila-

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